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You can view the contents of our crates either on our store, or in-game through /warp crates!

[Tier 1] x1 Alpha Crate Key

13.99 USD

[Tier 1] x3 Alpha Crate Keys

29.99 USD

[Tier 1] x5 Alpha Crate Keys

47.50 USD

[Tier 3] x1 Omega Crate Key

39.99 USD

[Tier 3] x3 Omega Crate Keys

100.00 USD

[Tier 3] x5 Omega Crate Keys

159.99 USD

x1 Legendary Crate Key

29.99 USD

x3 Legendary Crate Key

69.99 USD

x5 Legendary Crate Key

130.00 USD

x1 Extinction Texture Crate

14.99 USD

x3 Extinction Texture Crate

42.00 USD

x5 Extinction Texture Crate

66.00 USD

x1 Origin Texture Crate

9.99 USD

x3 Origin Texture Crate

17.99 USD

x5 Origin Texture Crate

29.99 USD